The following Board Meeting dates have been changed (or will not be held) from their originally intended times:

-The board meeting scheduled on Thursday, February 13th at 8:30 AM has been moved forward to Friday, February 14th at 8:30 AM, due to potential inclement weather due to hit the Great Neck area. Please adjust your schedules accordingly if you are planning on attending.


Board of Commissioners Meeting Information:

Please note that:

• Meetings are Scheduled to be held weekly, every Thursday morning at 8:30 AM (As Noticed in "Great Neck Record" & "Great Neck News").

• Scheduled meeting times are subject to change without notice. Any changes that are already known will be posted above under "MEETING CHANGES" listing. Be sure to check local newspapers and/or this site for any unexpected meeting time changes that may also occur.

• The District's Board of Commissioners always hold their public meetings at the District Offices in the District's Board Room.

• All Board Meetings are Open to the public with no prior notice of arrival needed.

On rare occasions, a meeting may be in "Executive Session" (as will be noted at the Board Room door if that is the case) at your time of arrival. We ask that all parties interested in attending, to please wait for the meeting to return to "Open Session" before trying to enter. We assure that all interested in joining the meeting will be welcome to do so.

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We are happy to announce that all Village of Great Neck residents who were serviced by the Village's Great Neck Water Pollution Control Department have now officially been integrated into the District as the awaited sewer system combination project has been successfully concluded and is in full operation.

We at the Great Neck Water Pollution Control District welcome all of our residents and look forward to servicing you with the new upgraded plant that you are now a part of. A welcome reference card has been mailed to all of our friends in the village so you will have easy access to our information should the need arise to contact us with any sewer related questions.

A copy of the card can also be downloaded and looked at below




Jerry Landsberg - Chairperson
Steve Reiter - Secretary
Deena Lesser - Treasurer


Christopher D. Murphy

Business Manager

Thomas E. Leake

236 East Shore Road,
Great Neck, NY 11023

Telephone: (516) 482-0238
Fax: (516) 482-8713

Hours of Operation:
Monday - Friday
8AM - 4PM

Closed on Federal Holidays

In the Event of a sewer related EMERGENCY:

Please call our business office number of
(516) 482-0238
24 hours a day and someone will assist you promptly

During hours in which the office is closed, please follow the proper voice prompts to report your emergency situation to a Sewer Operator.

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